iMemEditor/iGameGuardian (support iOS 11 to 13)


For iOS 11+, please use "iMemEditor", that runs faster with recent JBs.
For iOS 10 and below, please use "iGG 12 Stable", that is compatible with most JBs.

Following are piracy sellers, you will NOT get official support if you purchase from them.
以下是售卖盗版 的店铺名与源地址,如果您向他们购买,将无法获得官方支持。

  1. 新游数字卡
  2. 新网游娱乐店 (湖北武汉)
  3. 优质网络 (湖北武汉)
  4. http://aa.950932.***/
  5. http://fmnmnv.***/
  6. http://iggnew.github.**/


iME/iGG license is $5.00 USD per device. Once you activate it, you can't transfer the license to another device.


iOS 11.x/12.x/13.x + JB (jailbreak)


iME/iGG is a memory editor.

Main Features:

  1. Search memory with precise numbers.
  2. Search memory with vague instructions, e.g. larger or smaller.
  3. Lock memory to a fixed number.
  4. Save/Load the managed list.
  5. Memory browser/editor.


Don't expect it works on every app. Some apps may encode the data; Some apps store data in servers.

Add Cydia source



To report issue, please provide:
  1. WiFi MAC address
  2. Error screenshots
  3. iOS device name
  4. iOS version
  5. PayPal transaction ID

Acquire License

Step 1: Payment

iME/iGG is $5.00 USD per device. Only accept PayPal.

Step 2: Register

Please fill out the following information

PayPal transaction ID:
(or receipt number)
WiFi MAC address:
Bluetooth MAC address:


Cannot find the transaction ID

PayPal randomly reviews some transactions; it may take up to 24 hours. Please register again later.

iGG crash

Please turn off "Settings" > "Privacy" > "Advertising" > "Limit Ad Tracking".
If the switch is grayed out, please try this.

Keep showing "Please reboot your device"

Reinstallation will clear iME/iGG license!
If you are iOS 10 and below, please use "iGG 12 Stable".
  1. If you are using iOS 11+, please make sure to use iMemEditor.
  2. Please don't use tools to kill background processes.
  3. Please don't use Flex or any other tweaks to hack iME/iGG.
  4. Please don't use cleaning tweaks, e.g. iCleaner.
  5. Uninstall iME/iGG from Cydia.
  6. Reboot
  7. Install iME/iGG from repo source:
  8. Launch iME/iGG 2 times
If not working, you may need to uninstall tweaks you installed. If still not working, you may need to semi-restore your device.

Please contact the developer for help

Reinstallation will clear iME/iGG license.
  1. E-mail the developer and provide:
    • WiFi MAC address
    • Error screenshots
    • iOS device name
    • iOS version
    • PayPal transaction ID
  2. After receive feedback, launch iME/iGG 20 times until it stays in loading for a longer time.

App Dead

Please try to turn on "Use storage" in the "More" tab

Can't find the icon

  1. Uninstall iME/iGG from Cydia
  2. Install iME/iGG from Cydia
  3. If not working, try this method

Wrong Language

Settings > General > Language & Region > Preferred Language Order

Install a different version of iME/iGG

  1. Uninstall iME/iGG from Cydia
  2. Reboot
  3. Install iME/iGG from Cydia
  4. If searching takes forever, please reboot again.

Searching forever

Please check the "Search range" in "More" tab. What's the min and max?
  • If your device is 32-bit, try [0x0 ~ 0x10000000].
  • If your device is 64-bit, try [0x0 ~ 0x200000000].
Could be memory issue:
  • Please try to reboot your device.
  • Please turn on "Use storage" in the "More" tab.
Try to reboot your device, and please don't use Flex to hack iME/iGG.

Fake WiFi MAC

iME/iGG does not support fake WiFi MAC. To restore WiFi MAC:
  1. nvram -d wifiaddr
  2. Reboot